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he/they/it bisexual minor entp eng/esp
main acc curious cat kin carrd

byf i reclaim the f and r slurs and use them regularly, if this makes you uncomfortable, just let me know, i have adhd + dyscalculia, i kin for fun + to cope, i have some doubles i'm uncomfortable with, but i will always choose friends > kins!
dni you ship h/s (joscarl, jacknaib, luchinort),
if -13/20+, post untagged nsfw/gore regularly

selfhoods benrey, dave strider, joseph desaulniers, murrit turkin
high kins vriska serket, fan wujiu, mirphy fotoparat, mae burrowski, millie coulro, jerafina tabouli
medium kins leslie meyers, kamal bora, pumpkin rabbit, nat vancey, reko yabusame, terezi pyrope, hatsune miku
low kins popee, vamp cookie, yogurt cookie, naib subedar, aubrey, craig tucker
kinsidering boris habit, rui yashio, trevor garbo, devil cookie

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